Maritime Lawyer New Orleans । Maritime Mishaps attorney in New Orleans | LawYell

Maritime Lawyer New Orleans । Maritime Mishaps attorney in New Orleans | LawYell

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New Orleans, located on the Gulf of Mexico coast and at the mouth of the Mississippi River, is strategically significant in the marine industry. The city has a long history of being an important trading, shipping, and fishing hub.

Cargo is brought down the Mississippi River, oil is brought in from rigs in the Gulf, and containers are brought in from worldwide. Cargo shipping, fishing vessels, and cruise ships make this a busy port location.

Although New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, the Port of New Orleans is only the second-largest. The adjacent Port of South Louisiana processes more cargo per ton than any other port in the Western Hemisphere.

These two New Orleans-area ports form a significant and vital marine zone. Every day that you work here, you have the chance of being hurt. It’s a dangerous job, and if your company refuses to pay out after an accident, you’ll need a New Orleans maritime lawyer on your side as you fight for your money.

The New Orleans Port

Maritime Mishaps attorney in New Orleans

The Port of New Orleans, as the state’s second-largest port, is an important industrial and commercial center. It is also the country’s sixth-largest port.

There are 20 million square feet of handling area, multiple interstate highways for transportation, and six railroads for the freight that comes in here. All ships that come and go from the port, including container ships, are serviced by six cargo terminals and six giant cranes.

In addition to cargo and container facilities, New Orleans features cruise terminals with many lines that service over one million people every year.

Just west of New Orleans is the largest port in the state and one of the largest in the world. The Port of South Louisiana spans along the shore for 54 miles and contains various canals and waterways.

The majority of grain and other items farmed in the west flow down the Mississippi River and are delivered worldwide from the port. The port receives a large number of fruits and vegetables and steel, rubber, and coffee.

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Maritime Mishaps in New Orleans

Maritime labor is hazardous, with hazards on the water, ships, and ports. Falling overboard, being hurt in collisions, being caught in ship fires, being exposed to toxic cargo, being struck by cargo or cranes in ports, or even being hit by trucks and forklifts are all risks that seamen, dockers, and other employees confront. In and around the Port of New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico, many types of mishaps are possible and all too common.

The Port of New Orleans is a busy site with heavy equipment and moving trucks and machinery. Accidents are not rare, and most of them are, tragically, avoidable. In 2013, a cruise ship worker died in the port due to a sad accident.

The man was performing routine maintenance on the side of a docked cruise liner when he became entrapped between a cherry picker and a platform holding lifeboats.

He died due to being crushed between the two objects. However, this tragedy may have been avoided with excellent communication and possibly better training.

Collisions are also common in crowded port locations and surrounding sea areas in the maritime industry. An oversized cargo, 700 feet long, sailing into the port from the Mississippi River ran out of control.

It slammed into a riverfront shopping center in 1996. The collision harmed several people, but the outcome could have been far worse.

It’s a good thing no one died. It was a powerful impact, and the non-maritime personnel in the mall were caught off guard. Panic erupted, resulting in many of the injuries.

This had a more terrible ending since the captain was injured and died due to his injuries. Aside from the death, the crash caused millions of dollars in damage.The investigation discovered that the captain had failed to ensure that the ship could pass under the bridge.

Ship and fishing vessel mishaps

Occupations for mariners on the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of New Orleans, are just as risky as port jobs. A trawling fishing vessel capsized in 2014, and two fishermen perished in the water.

They are thought to have expired, but their bodies were never discovered. A third crew member was injured but survived the disaster. The improper use of the trawler, which caused it to become unstable, was the cause of the ship’s capsizing.

In 2006, a ship collision ruptured a gas pipeline. The subsequent spill ignited a fire on numerous barges being hauled through the area.

Some of the crew managed to escape, but five were killed in the fire. The team had been unable to get a part for one of the ships. When that piece fell off, it ruptured the pipeline, resulting in a tragic fire.

Legal Resources for Maritime Employees in New Orleans

Working in any aspect of the maritime sector is dangerous. When you go to work, you take chances. If you are wounded, you could be out of commission for several weeks or months. You could sustain lasting harm.

The law allows you to seek money damages to assist compensate for the expenses and lost wages caused by such injuries. Your employer and your employer’s insurance company should be willing to pay the bill and provide you with what you deserve.

Still, the law empowers you to file claims and lawsuits to receive the money you deserve if they aren’t. If you are killed on the job, the law also compensates for any dependent loved ones you have.

You should seek the assistance of an expert to help you navigate the intricate legal system. A New Orleans maritime lawyer is well-versed in the law and understands how to take all necessary procedures to enhance your chances of receiving the compensation you are due.

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A qualified lawyer can ensure that you meet all deadlines, file all the required documents, and are adequately represented in arbitration and court trials. If you are faced with the terrifying uncertainty of how to pay your costs following a workplace injury, contact a New Orleans marine lawyer to assist and guide you.

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