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Did you know that Illinois has the highest number of nursing home abuse cases in the country? Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is widespread in Illinois, with more proven physical and sexual abuse instances than Texas and California, than even the most populous states.

This may surprise you if you have a loved one in an Illinois care home. How do you know if your loved one is in a respected institution or one with significant neglect and abuse violations?

Your family’s decision to entrust your loved one’s care to a nursing home was most likely challenging and stressful.

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Be aware of the warning signs of nursing home negligence and abuse.


Chicago Nursing Home Lawyers

Abuse of the Body

While the most extreme kinds of physical abuse would be prominent, residents of nursing homes may be exposed to various actions that constitute physical abuse—for example, using undue force to detain a patient would be deemed abusive.

We can assist you in taking legal action against your loved one’s abusers after you have done all possible to safeguard your loved one from future cruelty.

Abuse of Sexual Nature

Sexual abuse allegations are serious and must be thoroughly examined by the proper authorities. Suppose you feel your loved one has had unwanted or otherwise non-consensual sexual contact. In that case, you must act immediately to safeguard them.

While we will be able to utilize the official report to support our claim against the responsible party, we will do everything we can to highlight how terrible this has been for your loved one.

Abuse of Emotions

Emotional abuse can be subtle and unnoticed since it can manifest itself in various ways. Whether verbal or nonverbal, this abuse form may be extremely harmful to an older adult.

Be aware of the many sorts of emotional or psychological abuse, such as blaming the victim, mocking or shaming the older person, isolating the person, and intimidating or otherwise threatening the individual.

As with all types of abuse, it is vital to act to protect your loved one’s safety and to call our staff for help and information on the alternatives available to you.

The older adult withdraws from activities and socialization. A caretaker will not allow the older adult to be alone with other family members.

Abuse of Money

Financial exploitation of the elderly is also known as material exploitation or financial exploitation. When someone illegally or unfairly steals another person’s cash, property, or assets, elder abuse is referred to as elder abuse.

Residents in nursing homes are especially exposed to this form of maltreatment. Suppose you see indicators of financial abuse in an older loved one. In that case, an attorney can help you stop it right away and hold the guilty individual accountable.


Staff acts that do not immediately cause harm to your loved one do not imply that they are not being mistreated.

According to the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, any willful failure to give proper care judged “essential to avert bodily damage, emotional distress, or mental disease of a resident” constitutes neglect.

Dehydration and malnutrition

As simple as it may seem, nursing home personnel must actively monitor how frequently their residents eat and drink. There are no conditions under which a nursing home resident should become hungry or dehydrated.

With that in mind, you have every right to be outraged if you learn that your loved one has endured the entirely preventable effects of either disease. We can assist you in bringing the guilty individual to court, where they will be held accountable for their blatant neglect.

Bed Sores

Nursing home staff should know how frequently residents with limited mobility will require assistance shifting in their beds to prevent bedsores from forming. Residents will likely need assistance shifting positions more regularly to be comfortable.

In any case, bedsores are potentially hazardous as they are entirely preventable. We can assist you in developing a claim that demonstrates how complicit the nursing home was in your loved one’s harm.


Few other incidents have the same potential to harm an older person’s health as a fall. Nursing home facilities and their personnel should be aware of this and what they need to do to avoid falls on their grounds.

For example, considerable attention must be paid to ensuring that paths are well-maintained, level, and free of obstructions. While it may be difficult to avoid all falls, nursing facilities may be held accountable if they fail to protect their patients.

Inappropriate Use of Restraints

Nursing home workers are entrusted with your loved one’s care and safety. However, not all employees are conscientious, nor are they all trained to the same extent. Restraints, whether physical or emotional, might be used on your loved ones unnecessarily to control their conduct.

You could see bruises on your loved one’s limbs or handcuffs left on the bedframe. If you suspect your loved one has been unnecessarily constrained, you should look into it. Our attorneys are prepared, willing, and able to assist you in obtaining answers and compensation for any abuse your loved one experienced due to the usage of inappropriate restraints.

Abuse from Resident to Resident

Nursing facilities are sometimes understaffed, overcrowded, or have poorly trained personnel. Some mentally disabled but not physically disabled residents may bully or be hostile to more docile people in these situations. Our nursing home abuse attorneys have years of expertise with nursing home abuse cases.

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Top Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

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Nursing Home abuse in Chicago has increased a lot. Your bold steps can save the life of your loved one. If you ever feel that your loved one has been a victim of Nursing Home abuse, talk to a good lawyer as soon as possible.

“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.”

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