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Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville


Whenever an accident occurs you must need a Car Accident Lawyer. Here are the actual suggestions for this issue when you have faced this in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is a port city in Duval County, Florida. According to the 2010 census-designated place (CDP) estimates of population and housing units compiled by RCLCO Associates LLC., which includes both parts inside and outside City limits; that area had an estimated total resident populace of 71,814 as late 2016 estimate data from WFTV Channel 9 TV show “10 News”.

How much Car Accident occurs in Jacksonville in one year

In fact, there are extra than 200,000 site visitors injuries occurring in one year in Jacksonville, in step with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

The most common types include: pedestrian traffic accident (41%), car crashes-related injuries and deaths occur at intersections where cars meet with pedestrians or crosswalks; motorcycle crash rate is high about 30% higher compared to other states and it ranks third as a leading cause of death for riders nationwide – followed by alcohol related road injury/deaths while driving drunk was on top spot.

Car Accident Rates In Jacksonville

By the Numbers: Motorcycle accidents in Jacksonville are on the rise. From 2005 to 2010, motorcycle accident rates increased by 9 percent and pedestrian injury claims skyrocketed 31%.

As of 2014 almost 40% (1/3)of all traffic fatalities involved a motorcyclist or bicyclists – that’s more than double what it was just 5 years ago!

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What does a Car Accident Lawyer do?

When you’re worried about an accident, the first aspect that should occur is contacting an attorney. You need to contact your car insurance claim representative and make sure they send all of this information as well so any payments made will be covered by their policy.

The next step after calling your attorney would probably have been for them to call or text someone else who may know more about it than he/she has already told me if I had done enough yet or what kind of damages we can expect from being injured due to my fault.

If there was another person’s negligence at least one could file with our attorneys against each other because everyone knows how much money lawyers cost but really doesn’t want to pay up front nor wants to wait until it’s too late when court fees start mounting on top off legal costs just like medical bills mount overtime even though most people don’t realize these things go into effect without knowing it.

What To Do After a Jacksonville Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville

The first thing you should do after an accident is to contact your insurance company and get them started on the claims process as soon as possible because they will be taking care of all details for everything from medical costs, property damage etc.

If it’s not already done then make sure that family members or friends are collecting necessary information such as driver license numbers, dates/times involved in incident(including car model), any witnesses who witnessed what happened (if applicable), names & phone’s if available along with physical descriptions including height weight , gender etc.

Collect all the data and take a printout of each person being interviewed by police to be used as evidence later on during trial when needed. If possible get video footage from a surveillance camera located near where the accident occurred which may provide valuable details about the case before it’s over-turned through wrongful prosecution and imprisonment.

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Common Causes Of Car Accidents in Jacksonville

  1.  Crossing the street without looking for cars, bicyclists or other obstacles;
  2.  Driving while fatigued and under-the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3.  Texting behind steering wheel
  4.  Going through a stop sign speeding.
  5.  Careless driving
  6.  Distracted by passengers
  7.  Not wearing seat belts
  8.  Drowsy
  9.  Brake failure

There are so many reasons for an accident to occur but these are the main reasons for this.

Reasons To File A Car Accident Claim

1. The car accident didn’t have to happen! One of the most common reasons people don‘ t file a personal injury claim is that they believe their situation was unavoidable, and it wasn’t anything wrong with them or someone else caused this tragedy – you just happened into an unfortunate circumstance (and not necessarily at fault).

2. Insurance companies refuse payment : the worst thing happens especially when dealing with large corporate entities like national insurers. Sometimes corporations simply choose to deny payments claiming “liability” isn’t clear or say it’s impossible due to policy language etc.

This often results in lawsuit litigation costs plus attorney fees incurred while trying to prove why they must pay up instead of denying claims altogether. An experienced car accident lawyer knows exactly how to analyze situations involving insurer denial letters thus avoiding lengthy trials and costly mistakes.

3. Settlement amount offered is too low. Many times injured persons accept less than full compensation expecting more later once court proceedings begin However, it gets worse. They find themselves years later still facing major medical bills.

Factor That Affect Car Accident Claims

Insurance companies do not want to pay claims for minor injuries or damages. They would rather try and settle a case before it goes any further, so they can avoid paying out money that is owed from their own pocketbook! Your personal injury lawyer will help them reduce the value of your claim in order to have better settlement negotiations with you at hand (i.e., lower medical bills).

This way, the insurance carrier does NOT get involved after all. just let him/her handle everything including filing suit on our behalf if necessary – which he should be doing anyway as part of his job description under Michigan law anyways.

How Much Compensation Can You Win?

The most important thing to remember is that no one can guarantee you anything. The best outcome for any case depends on the facts and circumstances of each individual situation, making it impossible to estimate a precise compensation amount in advance.

It’s possible your medical malpractice attorney may be able to provide some guidance based upon their experience with similar cases but even this must take into account all relevant information about those involved including evidence collected during discovery from experts who will testify at trial or other pertinent considerations such as insurance coverage.


Finally, You should contact the best Car Accident Lawyer near you to discuss your situation clearly. You can also hire an accident lawyer online. But remember the process and factor whenever you’re gonna hire an Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville.

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