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If you’ve arrived at this page, you or a loved one has likely been arrested. What will be the following steps? To whom do you turn? Criminal charges may alter your life, jeopardizing your career, livelihood, and freedom. The actions you take shortly after being arrested may make all the difference.

You are not, thankfully, alone. With the assistance of an expert criminal law attorney, you may minimize the consequences of your recent arrest and expect to return to your usual life sooner.

What distinguishes your criminal defense attorneys from the competition?

We live in an information era. When it comes to hiring an attorney to defend you after an arrest, you have nearly endless options.

Regrettably, with options come questions.

  • How do I pick a criminal Criminal attorney?
  • Who is the top criminal Criminal attorney in Arizona?
  • Can I afford a criminal lawyer?
  • Do I need a lawyer to defend myself against a crime?

Before we answer the following questions, we’d want to hear from some of our previous customers:

How do I pick a criminal defense attorney? Who is the top criminal attorney in Arizona?

Hiring an attorney is an important choice. While many excellent attorneys are working throughout Arizona, your current criminal case requires a trained attorney’s prompt and caring attention.

Furthermore, we recognize that criminal charges are not restricted to the regular 9 to 5 workday. In reality, many arrests take place on weekends and in the evenings. This is why our attorneys are available after hours and on weekends. Call or submit a case review, and our team will make your problem a priority, no matter what day or time it is.

Can I afford a criminal lawyer?

According to the AZ Legal Team, people should not be penalized for lack of access to appropriate legal assistance. As a result, our attorneys provide free consultations to all potential clients to review their existing criminal accusations.

Whether or not you employ counsel, it is critical that you completely comprehend the allegations leveled against you.

Despite what you may have heard, hiring a criminal lawyer may be within your financial means. We will not dispute that legal expenses can be prohibitively expensive.

However, we are constantly reviewing our cost structure to guarantee that our clients receive the most affordable rates. Furthermore, we provide a fee-matching promise and various payment alternatives and schedules. Inquire as to how.

What If You Can’t Afford an Attorney?

Following an arrest, you may be wondering what you will do if you cannot afford to employ a criminal lawyer. This prompted the establishment of the Office of the Public Defender, which may be found in every county throughout the United States. If you cannot afford to employ a criminal lawyer, your local Public Defender’s Office will assign one for you.

How can I qualify for free legal counsel?

To qualify for the Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office to appoint counsel, you must fill out an application at your next court appearance or apply to the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Office.

While the representation may be “free,” the law requires you to pay a $50 fee to select a public defender. This charge will be levied after the case if it is not paid. If you are also found guilty, further costs may be imposed.

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The following are the top-rated Criminal Attorneys in ARIZONA:

  • David Michael Cantor
  • David A. Black
  • Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC
  • Rosenstein Law Group
  • Dwane Cates

David Michael Cantor :

Hiring a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney is your best bet for a favorable outcome in a criminal case. David Michael Cantor is a well-known Criminal Defense Attorney and outstanding DUI Defense Attorney.

The Arizona Board of Legal Specialization has also awarded David Michael Cantor the Certified Criminal Law Specialist status.

David A. Black

David A. Black assists clients in need of a vital defense attorney or defense team. The company has an AVVO (Attorney Rating Site) perfect score of 10 and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

These honors are due to their attorneys’ significant expertise in representing clients accused of crimes.

Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC

Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC is dedicated to defending a client’s rights in all circumstances. They take pleasure in being able to provide high-quality legal representation at reasonable charges.

When Matthew and his colleagues agree to defend a new client, they take the time to listen and devise a strategy for what has to be done.

Because of their personality, they can adjust their approach to result in the most effective defense attempts.Clients at Matthew Lopez Law receive customized attention at every level of their case. This has resulted in a large number of delighted clients throughout the years.

Rosenstein Law Group

Arrests and criminal charges may occur at any time or night, so the Rosenstein Law Group in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides illegal defense services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clients can phone, see us remotely, or travel to one of our office locations for a free first consultation, and we will be accessible to them throughout their case. For the convenience of our customers, our legal company accepts credit cards and provides payment options.

The law guarantees that everyone has the right to an attorney and that they will be treated fairly in the judicial system. Regardless of the claimed wrongdoing, our purpose is to fight for our client’s rights.

We are aware of how law enforcement, prosecutors, and others make errors and violate rights. The attorneys at our law company have decades of combined experience pursuing and obtaining favorable outcomes.

Dwane Cates

Dwane Cates is a Phoenix, Arizona, criminal attorney and the founder of Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC, which has since merged with Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. Mr Cates established the business in 1997.

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